Washing machine 

Selecting a suitable washing machine for your family needs helps in reducing energy consumption. there are three types of washing machines: top load, front load, and twin tub.

Washing machine (WM’s)

Selection of WM’s suitable for your family’s needs volume contributes in the reduction of consumption, there are three types of WM’s: Top load, front load and twin tub

Tips before buying

Use Ta’akad to verify that the label information on the product is matching the product information in SASO’s database

Buy a washing machine that suits the household laundry load

Choose a washing machine with a high efficiency rating on the EE label

Tips before buying

Select WM having highest efficiency level in Energy Efficiency Label

Use Ta’akad App. to verify that the label information on the product are matching with the product information and with SASO database

Choose a high-rise washer

Learn about the card

Tips after buying

Avoid washing clothes during prime time

Periodically maintain and inspect your washing machine

Use the sun to dry your clothes to conserve energy

Run the washing machine at full load

Choose the quick wash option for lightly soiled clothes

Tips after buying

Take advantage of the sun to dry clothes directly

Do regular maintenance.

Avoid washing clothes during prime time

Choosing a quick wash for lightly soiled clothes helps to save energy

Run the WM at full load.

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