Taakad App

The application allowing consumers to verify

Energy Efficiency Labels of electrical products (air conditioners, washing machines/clothes dryers refrigerators/freezers , water heaters and lighting products), tires and vehicles.

Why and when do we use Taakad App.?

Verification of appliances and tires Energy Efficiency Label as well as fuel economy label information

Comparison between similar products in terms of energy efficiency level

Insure compliance

Application Features

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QR code scanner

Taakad App. includes QR code scanner feature enabling you to verify energy efficiency information for different devices

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Advanced search feature

Taakad App. includes advanced search feature enabling you to compare between appliances or cars in terms of energy efficiency level

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“Reporting the product” feature

Taakad App. includes “reporting the product” feature

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Highly efficient appliance recognition feature

Taakad App. includes highly efficient appliance recognition feature

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Method of use of Taakad App

Download the App. to your mobile device

Scan appliances and tires’ Energy Efficiency Label or cars’ fuel economy label’s code

Compare information on App. to label’s information

Report any difference in information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verify-Sy Application?

Application that allows consumers to check energy efficiency labels for household appliances, tires and fuel economy labels for cars.

What home devices does Verify-Sy app support?

Supports energy efficiency labeled products, which are within the scope of the standard.

How does the Verify-Sy app work?

The application works by using the QR code scanning feature for products that have the quality mark and products that have energy efficiency labels, and it also works by using the search and comparison between products feature.

What mobile devices support Verify-Sy application?

Most mobile smart devices support the app.

What do I do when the information shown in Verify-Sy app does not match the information shown on the Energy Efficiency Label?

It is considered a violation, and we hope that you will submit a report through Application of a Commercial Violation or call the Consumer Reporting Center 1900.

What cars are supported by Verify-Sy?

Supports 2015 following years models.

Taakad App

Download it now and check for yourself