How to reduce consumption of Refrigerators

Your refrigerator has a large impact in home appliances consumption. Selecting most energy efficient refrigerator based on Energy Efficiency Label and appropriate capacity contribute to purchasing advices

Tips Before Buying

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Choosing the right size refrigerator for the family's needs, to avoid consuming more energy than needed

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Select refrigerator having highest efficiency level in Energy Efficiency Label

”Taakad“ App

Use Taakad application to verify the information and validity of the card, and compare products to identify the most efficient product.

Energy Efficiency Card

Learn about the Energy Efficiency Card

Tips After Buying

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Place refrigerator 10-15 cm away from the wall

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Inspect refrigerator doors’ gasket to ensure no leakage of the cold air to outside

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Do not place hot food and drinks in refrigerator directly

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Do not open refrigerator and freezer’s doors frequently

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Place refrigerator in the coldest place in the kitchen

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Regular maintenance

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It is sufficient to have one refrigerator with a food freezer and to dispense with the separate food freezer, unless absolutely necessary

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Set the temperature indicator (thermostat) at the middle

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505 liters

510 liters

Operating hours

365 hours

365 hours

Consumption cost annually

62 SAR/Annually

181 SAR/Annually

Savings rate up to


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a violation not to have an energy efficiency label on the devices? And which parties are concerned with this matter?

Yes, it is a violation if the product falls within the scope of the standard. Please submit a report via Verify-Sy application or Application of a Commercial Violation, or contact the Ministry of Commerce and Investment at 1900.

What is the mechanism for monitoring standard implementation, and the mechanism for monitoring customs and markets? What are the roles of the parties involved in the implementation mechanism?

The Saudi Energy Efficiency Program, represented by the relevant regulatory authorities: (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, Saudi Standards, Saudi Customs) monitors products that fall under the scope of energy efficiency to ensure that there are energy efficiency labels, and conformity of products to standard specifications and energy efficiency regulations through three main stages:

- Production lines: including visiting factories and taking samples for testing.

- Customs ports: verifying the validity of certificates, and taking random samples for testing. 

- Markets: Visit sales outlets and warehouses to verify energy efficiency label data. 

What factors affect refrigerator energy consumption? And why?

Their size and the technology used, which has a great effect on the efficiency of the device. One of the main objectives of the energy efficiency specifications is to set minimum limits for devices, as in air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and lighting; This contributes to manufacturers adopting the latest and most energy-efficient technologies, It is also preferable not to place refrigeration devices in a narrow place, adjacent to the wall, or next to a heat source, and to let hot foods cool slightly before placing them inside the refrigerator.

Are there plans to set specifications for other electrical appliances?

The program has a list of some household appliances, feasibility studies are being conducted for them, and if they are proven to be economically feasible, they will be included in the program's work plan.