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National campaign for rationalization of energy consumption (To Last)

A comprehensive national campaign that was launched in May 2014, and is still ongoing. It was created on the basis of scientific studies conducted in association with local and international experiences in community awareness raising as well as studies of previous awareness campaigns launched around the world. “To Last” campaign aims at establishment and raise of level of community awareness of the importance of rationalization and raise of efficiency of energy consumption and change of energy consumption behaviors by various society components through launching comprehensive and continuous awareness campaigns, focusing on specific topics.

National Energy Efficiency Program

An integrated work among all concerned parties, whether from public or private sectors, as the Program seeks to develop and implement programs to raise energy efficiency, in addition, to establish initiatives, laws, regulations as well as implementation and financing mechanisms achieving the same, as per working mechanism based on full cooperation between the concerned government authorities responsible for implementation of such programs in full consideration of the competence of various authorities, and utilization of international experiences and expertise while discussing globally applied energy efficiency programs’ results.

Program Objectives:

– Raise of energy efficiency in KSA by using initiatives designed as per local market potentials.
– Involvement of all concerned parties in creation of programs (Government, Companies & the Public).

Saudi Energy Efficiency Center

Saudi Energy Efficiency Center was established by virtue of Honorable Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 363, dated 24th Dhu al-Qadah,1431H, corresponding to 01st November, 2010.

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